California is currently home to one known gray wolf pack.

Click on the gray wolf on the map to learn more about the Shasta Pack, or click on the link below. Map is not to scale and pack locations are approximate.

California had no known gray wolves within the state until OR-7, originally from the Imnaha Pack in NE Oregon and now breeding male of the Rogue Pack in Southern Oregon – traveled into the state for a period of time during parts of each year from 2011-2014. The last known wolf before OR-7 was trapped and killed in Lassen County, CA in 1924. Gray wolves are protected state-wide by the California Endangered Species Act.

Definition of a wolf pack in California:

In California a pack is defined as two or more wolves traveling together and using a definable area, while a breeding pair is defined as a mated male and female wolf pair which have produced pups, at least two of which have survived through December 31 st of the year in which they were born.

Wolf Packs