Other Wolves in California

OR-25: A male wolf who was radio-collared in May 2014, and dispersed from the Imnaha Pack in March 2015. During his dispersal, OR-25 traveled through the Columbia Basin, Southern Blue Mountains, and Northern and Central Cascade Mountains. Since the end of May 2015, he used an area in the Sprague and Silver Lake Units in Klamath County, Oregon. Starting in mid-December 2015 and on into spring of 2016, OR-25 crossed the border repeatedly into California, spending some of his time in Klamath County in Oregon, and other time roaming within California’s Modoc and Lassen Counties. In October 2017, OR-25 was found dead near Fort Klamath, Oregon. A law enforcement investigation into his death remains open and the case unsolved.

CA10F: A female wolf who was tracked in eastern Siskiyou County about 20 miles from the Oregon border in January 2017. Genetic analysis of her scat determined she was born into the Rogue Pack in Oregon in 2014 and is a littermate of CA08M, the breeding male of the Lassen Pack. Her current location is unknown.

OR-54: A female wolf wearing an Oregon tracking collar, she crossed into eastern Siskiyou County in January 2018. She too was born into the Rogue Pack. She went back to Oregon twice, visited Nevada once, toured at least 9 California counties and traveled 8,712 total miles! She was known as a disperser, searching but not settling. Sadly, her body was found on February 5, 2020 in Shasta County, CA. Her death is under investigation by wildlife officials.

OR-44: A male, born into Oregon’s Chesnimnus Pack in 2016. He crossed the Oregon border into eastern Siskiyou County in March 2018. His collar failed in May 2018, while he was in Siskiyou County. His current location is unknown.

OR-59: A young (1.5 year) male wolf, who entered Modoc County from Oregon in December 2018. A week later, Oregon wildlife officers notified CDFW that OR-59’s collar was emitting a mortality signal; he was found dead shortly thereafter. His death is currently the subject of a criminal investigation.

Uncollared black wolf: A black wolf occasionally seen traveling near the Lassen Pack. It has been seen with members of the pack but also traveling solo in Lassen territory. Preliminary genetic analysis of scats suggests it is male and unrelated to the Lassen and Shasta packs. Additional analysis is pending.

Uncollared black wolf: A second unknown black wolf, this one was photographed by private trail cameras in northern Lassen County and in southern Modoc County in April 2018. Likely the same wolf was then photographed in by another private trail camera in northern Lassen County in both August and September 2018. In September, CDFW observed what appeared to be wolf tracks nearby in southern Modoc County. CDFW is working to obtain further info on this wolf.