akwa_meacham_150101_151231The Meacham Pack was identified in 2014 in the southern portion of the Mt Emily Unit in Umatilla County, NE Oregon. One incident of depredation was attributed to the Meacham Pack in 2014. The pack produced two pups that survived to the end of 2014. OR-26, the pack’s breeding male was GPS-collared in May 2014. OR-26 was born to the Mt Emily Pack before he dispersed and helped build the Meacham Pack. OR-29 is a collared black sub-adult male of the Meacham Pack.

In 2015 the pack produced at least three pups that survived to the end of the year. OR-26’s radio-collar failed in November and OR-29 dispersed in late December.

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Current numbers: 5

Pack status: Designated in late 2014


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