Oregon is currently home to 11 known gray wolf packs.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Ongoing updates for Washington and Oregon based on the new state wolf reports. Thank you for your patience!

Click on the gray wolves on the map to learn more about each pack, or click on the pack name links below. Map is not to scale and pack locations are approximate.

Definition of a wolf pack in Oregon:

In Oregon a pack is defined as 4 or more wolves traveling together in winter, while a breeding pair is defined as an adult male and female wolf that produce at least two pups which survive through the end of the year.

Gray wolves have been delisted from the Oregon Endangered Species Act statewide. They remain protected by the Federal Endangered Species Act in most of Oregon, except for the area east of Pendelton / Burns. View the ODFW map of the gray wolf protection zones for more details.

Wolf Packs

Catherine Pack
Meacham Pack
Minam Pack
Mt Emily Pack
Rogue Pack
Shamrock Pack
Snake River Pack
South Snake Pack
Unnamed Heppner Unit Pack
Walla Walla Pack
Wenaha Pack

Wolf Packs No Longer Active

Imnaha Pack
Sled Springs Pack
Umatilla River Pack