Catherine Pack range map, courtesy of ODFW.

The breeding pair of the Catherine Pack – OR-24 (from the Snake River Pack) and OR-27 (from the Minam Pack) – formed a pair bond in July 2014, and have maintained a presence inside the Eagle Cap Wilderness in Oregon since then. In 2015 they produced at least 3 pups, 2 of which survived to the end of the year. The third pup was found dead in Oct 2015, with the reason for death unknown.

New information about the Catherine Pack will be added as it becomes available. In the mean time, keep your eyes on the official Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife page for the Catherine Pack for new information as it comes to light.

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Current numbers: 4 (two adults, two pups)

Pack status: Designated in February 2014.


OR-27 June 3 2014
OR-27 after being radio collared on June 3, 2014. Photo courtesy of ODFW.

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