In 2017, a group known as the OR-52 wolves were discovered using the area. They produced one pup that survived to the end of the year, and were not counted as a breeding pair. The breeding female was collared.

In 2018, the pair produced at least three pups that survived to the end of the year and were renamed the Five Points Pack.

In 2019, they raised three pups that were counted in the 2019-2020 winter survey. A 183 square mile use area was shown by radio-collar data for this pack, according to ODFW. Of this use area, 50% of data points were shown on each public and private lands.

The Five Points Pack produced at least four pups that survived to the end of 2020. The pack was also counted as a breeding pair in 2020.

Current Numbers: 10

Pack Status: Designated in 2018


We will post photos of this new pack as they become available.

Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife – The Five Points Pack