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In 2016, there were two radio collared gray wolves in the Goodman Meadows Pack in far NE Washington.

The family had a minimum of 4 wolves as of late 2018 and was counted as a breeding pair for that year.

In November 2019, a collared female wolf (WA86F) from the pack that had dispersed into the Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia was found dead from unknown causes.

The state wildlife agency collared one of the family’s wolves during aerial survey operations in January 2020. The annual survey confirmed seven pack members and successful breeding in 2019.

In 2020, a collared wolf (WA80M) from this pack dispersed northeast toward Canada before the collar lost radio contact.

Two other wolves took a journey south to former Skookum pack territory. One wolf (WA41M) on this journey was originally collared in July 2014 then again January 2020. The other (WA008F) was originally collared as a yearling in June 2010 as part of the Diamond pack. In March 2015, she was collared with the Goodman Meadows. In August 2020, both wolves dispersed south into what was once Skookum pack territory where they successfully raised two pups.

The 2020-2021 winter survey confirmed a minimum of five members but did not confirm a breeding pair.

Current numbers: 5

Pack status: Designated in 2014.

Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife – Goodman Meadows Pack