Huckleberry Pack range map, courtesy of WDFW.

The Huckleberry Pack have had a series of tragic setbacks, but still endure in NE Washington. In 2012 one member was killed in a trap set for other species on the Spokane Tribe of Indians Reservations land.

In August of 2014, after wolves killed more than two dozen sheep in Stevens County, officials mistakenly shot the breeding female of the Huckleberry Pack. Wolf advocates feared the pack would dissolve without its alpha.

Most recently in 2015 three members of the pack were killed legally during wolf hunting season on the Spokane Tribe of Indians Reservation lands.

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Current numbers: 5

Pack status: Designated in 2012.

Photos & Video

Huckleberry Pack pups, 2012. Photo courtesy of WDFW.

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