The Indigo group of wolves was the first documented in Lane County in close to a century, and they are among the few wolves living in western Oregon. (The others are the Rogue Pack and the White River Pack.)

After several years of public wolf sightings in this area, tracks of multiple wolves were found in late 2018. In February 2019, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service trail cameras in the Umpqua National Forest photographed three wolves in the area (see below).

Then, in October 2019, USFWS and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife confirmed that the family had four pups in spring. New photos were released, and are included in the gallery below.

The Indigo wolves have been officially designated as a pack for 2020. Three pups are known to have survived to the end of 2019. A separate wolf was found in the northern part of the family’s territory, but it is unknown if that individual has joined the pack.

wolf wolf wolf wolf wolf wolf

Current Numbers: 3 adults, 3 pups

Pack Status: Designated 2020


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