The Lassen Pack’s home range is an expansive ~500 square-mile range in western Lassen and northern Plumas counties.

The pack’s female, LAS01F, was first spotted by trail camera in August 2015. In February 2016, biologists saw tracks that appeared to show two wolves traveling together. One of them was a male, CA08M, determined to have been born into Oregon’s Rogue Pack in 2014, making him one of the pups in OR-7’s first litter. The female was collared in late June 2017. Genetic testing shows she is not closely related to Oregon wolves; she likely dispersed from the northern Rocky Mountains.

Four pups were born in 2017. At least three of them survived into 2018, when the breeding female had another set of five pups, at least two of which are known to have survived.

In September 2018, the carcass of a yearling female from the Lassen Pack was found, and the matter remains under investigation.

The Lassen family raised four pups for 2019. The original breeding male has not been detected since spring 2019, and the breeding female has been spotted with a black male wolf (LAS16M) since roughly June 2019. LAS16M’s origin is currently unknown, and he is not related to other known California wolves. He sired a litter of five pups in 2020 with LAS01F, the pack’s original breeding female, but she has not been detected since fall 2020.

In 2020, a two year old female (LAS09F) had four pups, then six in 2021 that were sired by LAS16M.

Near the end of summer 2020, LAS13M, a collared yearling, dispersed from the pack. He traveled through Lassen and Modoc counties before entering Oregon in early October 2020.

Current Numbers: 6

Pack Status: Designated in 2017



This remote video capture shows a female adult, a yearling, and three pups walking through coniferous woods in Lassen County. At 1:00, the pups can be heard yipping and then howling. CDFW video.

Three-month old wolf pups investigate their world while their mother, LAS01F, is on a hunting foray 5 miles away. CDFW video.
Collared breeding female wolf, LAS01F, and the breeding male heading out from their rendezvous site to hunt. CDFW video.
Wolf pup investigating a field camera it found. CDFW video.

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