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The Lookout Pack was the first confirmed wolf pack in Washington since the extermination of gray wolves in the 1930’s. The Lookout wolves are genetically related to wolves from BC or Alberta, which means they are not related to the wolves from the reintroduction efforts in the Rockies. They have continued to endure despite losses from poaching and wildfire.

In late 2014 it was reported that due to a wildfire known as the Carlton Complex Fire, the Lookout Pack had lost several new pups. Fortunately, the Lookout Pack still had its breeding pair and at least two other adult or yearling wolves in addition to one surviving pup.

In February 2016 remote cameras captured images of three sets of wolf tracks belonging to members of the Lookout Pack.

In both 2016 and 2017, the annual wolf count verified only 4 members of the pack.

In 2018, the pack was counted as a breeding pair, and 5 family members were confirmed at the end of the year.

In May 2019, a yearling male was collared, and in June 2019, an adult male wolf of the family was collared.

The yearling male collared in May 2019 dispersed almost 500 miles north to Canada before losing radio contact. The 2020-2021 annual winter survey counted a minimum of eight wolves and confirmed a successful breeding pair in the Lookout Pack.

Current numbers: 8

Pack status: Designated July 23rd, 2008.

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