WDFW Range Map

The Naneum Pack was first confirmed as a pack in 2018, roaming a territory in the central Cascade mountains, southwest of Wenatchee. This pack consisted of two wolves as of the end of 2018, and was not counted as a successful breeding pair for the year. A wolf that was killed by a human in 2018 was likely also part of that pack; the death is under investigation.

As of April 2019, wolves were reported in the area, but state wildlife staff were unable to determine a denning site for the pack. A local sportsman reported a wolf sighting in the area as of December 2019, but biologists were not able to confirm the photographed animal was a wolf. The 2019-2020 winter survey confirmed three wolves in the pack, but no pups were confirmed.

The 2020-2021 winter survey confirmed much of the same: a minimum of three wolves in the pack with no successful breeding pairs.

Current Numbers: 3

Pack Status: Designated 2018

Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife – Naneum Pack