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Although the Nc’icn gray wolves were confirmed as a pack in 2012, wolves had been documented on the Colville Indian Reservation in NE Washington since 2008. The Colville Tribe named the group of wolves in the Sanpoil River region of the reservation the Nc’icn Pack, which means “grey mist as far as you can see” in the Okanogan language.

Tribal biologists collared a female wolf in July 2016.

At the end of 2018, biologists confirmed at least 4 pack members and confirmed the family had breeding pair status. The state’s 2019-2020 winter survey estimated at least 7 wolves reside in the pack as of 2020. The pack is under tribal jurisdiction, and is not managed by the state of Washington, Two pack members were killed in legal tribal hunts in 2019.

A breeding pair was marked successful in the 2020-2021 winter survey, which also stated that the pack had a minimum of nine wolves.

Current numbers:   7

Pack status: Designated in 2012.


Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife – Nc’icn Pack