In early 2016, OR29 and OR36 began traveling together. OR29 is a male that dispersed from the Meacham Pack, and OR36 is a female that dispersed from the South Snake Pack.

In 2017, the pair produced at least five pups that survived to the end of the year. In 2018, seven pups joined the family. The 2019-2020 winter survey revealed that at least two pups joined the family in 2019.

The pack produced at least three pups that survived through the end of 2020. The pack was counted as a breeding pair during the 2020-2021 annual survey. ODFW reported a 534 square mile use are based on radio-collar location data points, 80% of which were in Oregon public lands and 20% on private lands.

The Pine Creek pack often visited Idaho in winter, where the breeding male died in January 2021.

Current Numbers: 8

Pack Status: Designated as a pack in 2017.


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Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife – The Pine Creek Pack