Shamrock Pack range map, courtesy of ODFW.

The Shamrock wolves were known as the Chesnimnus Pair before being designated pack status in NE Oregon by Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife. In 2015 three pups were born that survived to the end of the year.

OR-23 is the breeding female, a radio-collared wolf that dispersed from the Umatilla River Pack in November, 2014. She then paired with a male wolf in the Chesnimnus Wildlife Management Unit.

Two livestock deaths have been attributed to the Shamrock Pack in 2016.

On March 2, 2017, the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife (ODFW) reported that wolf, OR-48, a Shamrock Pack adult male, was found dead on February 26th on private land in northeast Oregon after the wolf encountered an M-44 device,  a spring-activated device containing cyanide powder. The device was in place as part of USDA’s Wildlife Services operations to control coyotes and prevent coyote-livestock conflict on private land in northeast Oregon.

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Current Numbers: 5

Pack Status: Designated in January 2016.

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