Sightings of an individual adult black wolf in Siskiyou County, California first were reported to CDFW in early 2015, and subsequent sightings were of two black wolves together. A trail camera captured images that August of a family of seven black wolves, two adults and five pups.

DNA from scat collected from the breeding pair establishes that they both originate from Oregon’s Imnaha Pack in NE Oregon and are siblings to OR-7 of the Rogue Pack in Southern Oregon. Tests run on scat collected from two of the pups indicate they are male and female.

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Current numbers: 7 wolves confirmed in August 2015 (Breeding pair & 5 pups).

Pack status: Designated August 20th, 2015.

Other Wolves in California

OR-25: A male wolf who was radio-collared in May 2014, and dispersed from the Imnaha Pack in March 2015. During his dispersal, OR-25 traveled through the Columbia Basin, Southern Blue Mountains, and Northern and Central Cascade Mountains. Since the end of May 2015 he used an area in the Sprague and Silver Lake Units in Klamath County, Oregon. Starting in mid-December 2015 and on into spring of 2016, OR-25 has been crossing the border repeatedly into California, spending some of his time in Klamath County in Oregon, and other time roaming within California’s Modoc and Lassen Counties.

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