The Shasta Pack was California’s first contemporary wild wolf pack in nearly 90 years, first discovered in August 2015. They produced five pups that first year, but subsequently disappeared and most members are presumed dead. The Shasta Pack is no longer recognized as a family unit. There are more questions than answers, but for a good overview of what we know, read journalist Ryan Sabalow’s piece in The Sacramento Bee.


Sightings of an individual adult black wolf in Siskiyou County, California were first reported to CDFW in early 2015. Subsequently, sightings of two black wolves together were reported. In August, a trail camera captured images of a family of seven black wolves, two adults and five pups.

DNA from scat collected from the breeding pair established that they both originated from Oregon’s Imnaha Pack in NE Oregon and were siblings to OR-7 of the Rogue Pack in Southern Oregon. Scat tests collected from two of the pups indicated they were male and female.

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Current numbers: 0

Pack status: Designated August 20th, 2015. Now presumed dead.

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