South Snake Pack range map, courtesy of ODFW.

Remote camera photographs taken near the end of March, 2015 showed six gray wolves in the South Snake Pack with at least 2 pups born in 2014. This was the evidence needed to confirm the South Snake wolves as a new pack in Oregon.

Evidence of gray wolf activity in the south Snake River Unit began as early as August 2014 and information of repeated use of this area (by wolves other than the Snake River Pack or the Imnaha Pack) was later documented in January 2015. Although evidence of at least two wolves was confirmed, little is known of these new wolves. OR-36 is a collared adult female of the South Snake Pack. The pack produced at least 2 pups that survived to the end of 2015.

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Current Numbers: 9 (7 adults, 2 pups)

Pack Status: Designated in 2015.


South Snake Pack wolves, March 26, 2015. Photo courtesy of ODFW.

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