Wedge Pack range map, courtesy of WDFW.

In 2012, after a series of calf and sheep deaths, the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife ultimately killed seven members of the Wedge Pack from a helicopter in an attempt to stop the escalating series of attacks.

While it was thought that the entire Wedge Pack was eliminated by WDFW, two wolves were recorded traveling as a pack in the same area in 2013. It is unknown whether these wolves are related to the original Wedge Pack wolves, or if they have moved into the area from elsewhere.

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Current numbers: 3. Not counted as successful breeding pair in 2015. It is unknown at this time whether these are Wedge Pack wolves, or potentially unrelated wolves.

Pack status: Designated in 2012.


Wedge Pack wolf after being captured and collared by WDFW on July 16, 2012. Photo courtesy of WDFW.

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