or-4 aug 20 2009
OR-4, Aug 20, 2009. Photo courtesy of ODFW.

As wolves return to the Pacific West states of California, Oregon and Washington, they do so on a vastly different social, political, and ecological landscape than elsewhere in the country. This creates opportunities and challenges unique to the region.

Recognizing the importance of promoting awareness of the return of gray wolves to the west coast states of the U.S., the Pacific Wolf Family project was developed. This educational resource, which tells the stories of gray wolves, their families and their journeys is key to helping build a welcoming environment for this important species as they return and recover in their home landscapes – the ones they once roamed for thousands of years.

The Pacific Wolf Family website will be updated to include the most current and new information, photos and videos of gray wolf packs in the region. These updates will also be shared on the Pacific Wolf Coalition’s Facebook page. We encourage you to journey with the wolves and learn more about their stories and travels.

A note on the definition of a gray wolf pack:

Each state’s Department of Fish & Wildlife has it’s own definition of what constitutes a wolf pack. Varying definitions means that a group of gray wolves defined as a pack in Washington would not necessarily be defined as a pack in Oregon, for example. You can read the details of each state’s definition on each state’s page: California, Oregon & Washington.

All of the information about gray wolves on this website is publicly available information. We do not recommend attempting to find wolves based on the range maps available.